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The Betty & Gordon Moore Library


The Betty and Gordon Moore Library, in collaboration with the Cambridge University Engineering Department Library, have been trialling a reciprocal intraloan service whereby staff will collect and deliver loan requests of Engineering Library items (for the Moore Library users) and Moore Library items (for the Engineering Department users).

Users of the service should have both a Moore Library and an Engineering Library borrower account.

Please note: Should the requested item be recalled at any point during transit, the intraloan request will be voided and you will be notified by your library. Similarly, if the item is recalled once the loan has been added to your account, you will need to return the item to the library of ownership as soon as possible.​

Requests for Engineering stock should be sent to
Requests for Moore Library stock to
Please use "Intraloans request" as the subject line.

Please remember to include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your 5-digit alphanumeric barcode (V-number)
  • Your CRSiD
  • Your borrower status (i.e. UG, Grad, Staff, etc.)
  • Your E-mail address
  • Title of book
  • Classmark or shelfmark (if available)

Deliveries are made every Wednesday and you will be notified when it can be collected. You should also be aware that once the loan has been made it is subject to the same conditions as any other kind of loan (i.e. recalls and fines, etc.)

If you are already using this service and would like to give feedback, please contact David Marshall ( from the FutureLib team as he is conducting research into intralibrary loans and would like to hear from you.

Please note: The service is currently only available for items within the Moore and Engineering Libraries, but similar collaborations are being investigated. To this end, we are also welcoming requests for Medical Library items.

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