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The Betty & Gordon Moore Library


There is currently an issue across the University, when attempting to print, using the managed cluster from a computer running Windows 10. This is following a recent windows update. For those affected the following solution has been provided by UIS.

UIS have provided an interim solution to the issue. It is called “Mobility Print” which will create a new print queue when deployed. You will need admin rights to install the client software.

To setup the new print queue:

  1. Click on the Mobility Print URL: Mobility Print Cloud Print- Windows setup (
  2. When prompted “pop-up window” as shown in the image below, tick "Always allow papercut to open links..." box.
  3. Click the Open button.
  4. Click "Connect and get my printers" button in Step 2.
  5. This will install new print queue "UL_FindMe [University Library] (Mobility)".

To print:

  1. Check "UL_FindMe [University Library] (Mobility)" print queue is selected. It should appear as a default printer.
  2. When prompted for papercut authentication, use crsid for user name and raven password.

For those not affected i.e. Mac users please follow the instructions here for installing the required software to print to public printers (DS-Print). You will also need to credit your account in order to print and there is information below on how to do this.

DS-Print Service 

DS-Print is utilised by the University Managed Cluster Service (MCS) and is additionally available to any computer connected to the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) or beyond, subject only to the individual user having authority to use a particular printer or Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) providing for print, photocopy and scan requirements.

The main library MFD is located on the ground floor and is available to current University of Cambridge staff and students, non-University members and Alumni.

To use this machine you will need a DS (Desktop Services) account. For current staff and students, this is available from, and is administered by, the University Information Service - details of the service can be found here. For non-University members and Alumni, an account will be issued upon registration at the main University Library building.


Networked and Wireless Printing

Printing requests can be sent from any MCS PC, located throughout the building. Current staff and students can login with their current RAVEN account. Non-Unversity members and alumni access is via one of two machines, located on the Ground Floor - see a member of staff for directions and access requirements.

For printing from a MCS PC, the Moore Library MFD location name is "UL_FindMe" - select which credit you wish to use during the print process. 

If printing from a laptop for the first time, you will need to install the DS-Print Service. See instructions found here on how to do this.


Account Printer Credit

Desktop Services (DS) account printer credit can be used to print, scan or photocopy. You can purchase online credit with a bank card in these places:

  • University of Cambridge card holders can purchase credit online here.
  • Other library users can purchase credit online here.

Please note: These links will allow you to credit either your 'Common Balance' or 'UL Balance'. It has proven cost-prohibitive to allow users to use any other lines of credit they may have access to, such as a 'Maths Balance'.







£0.08 - A4 Black & White

£0.12 - A4 Colour

£0.16 - A3 Black & White

£0.20 - A3 Colour

£0.08 - A4 Black & White

£0.12 - A4 Colour

£0.16 - A3 Black & White

£0.20 - A3 Colour


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