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From 5pm on March 18, the Betty & Gordon Moore Library along with the University Library and all Faculty and Departmental Libraries will close to readers until further notice. Please check our FAQs for information on how to access Library services during this time.

The Betty & Gordon Moore Library


*** Due to the Covid19 outbreak any pre-existing loans will now automatically be renewed for all borrowing categories ***

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Self-Service Borrowing Kiosk *NEW* 

[Self-Service Borrowing Image]

We have a self-service borrowing kiosk, located on the Ground Floor, that can be used to borrow, return or renew items. It can also be used to check your "My Library account" and item loan due dates.

For details on how to pay fines, see here.


Borrowing categories

Entitlements depend both on the type of item and type of library user:

Undergraduates may borrow up to a maximum of:

  • 10 books at a time with an initial loan period of 7 days, after which all loans will automatically renew until returned to the library
  • Borrowed books may be requested by another library user during term time only

University Staff, University PhD and Masters students may borrow up to a maximum of:

  • 20 books at a time with an initial loan period of 28 days after which all loans will automatically renew until returned to the library
  • Borrowed books may be requested by another library user during term time only

All other users with borrowing rights, may borrow up to a maximum of:

  • 20 books at a time with an initial loan period of 8 weeks (three times renewal, online or in person)
  • Borrowed books may be requested if required by another library user during full term and vacation periods

Other borrowing rules

  • Journal volumes have a loan period of 1 day (please note that journal issues from the current calendar year may not be borrowed)
  • Non-book media items are for use in the Library only
  • Reference items may not be borrowed


Borrowing items

To borrow items, you can use either the self-service borrowing kiosk on the ground floor or bring the item(s) to the Service Desk where a member of staff will issue the books to you. 

All loans/fines etc.can be managed by logging into iDiscover and accessing the 'My Library Account' option from the menu.

Further information on borrowing can be found here:

Library rules for borrowing can be found here:


Returning items

To return library items, outside staffed hours, you can either place them in the returns drop box in the entrance lobby or use the self-service borrowing kiosk and plce them in the drop box next to the kiosk. During staffed hours, you can also take them to a member of Service Desk staff who will return the book for you. 


Renewing items

Undergraduate, PhD, Masters students and all current University Staff  

Books borrowed by these user categories will renew automatically (i.e. manual renewal is not required). Patrons in the above groups may borrow books until such time as they are no longer needed or have been requested by another patron. 

All other users with borrowing rights (see full list here)

To renew items, you can use either the self-service borrowing kiosk or ask a member of Service Desk staff to amend each item due date. Both services can be located on the Ground Floor.

Borrowed items may be renewed at any time without penalty, provided that:

  • The item has not been requested by another reader
  • The item is not overdue
  • The item has not reached its maximum loan period (usually three times the length of the initial loan)
  • The reader has no outstanding fines, account blocks, or overdue loans

Other ways to renew items, are as follows:

Borrowers wishing to renew beyond an item's maximum loan period must bring it in person to the Library to have it manually returned and reissued.


Requesting items

Full term - all borrowed items may be requested by other users.

Out of term - loans made by Undergraduate, PhD, Masters students and all current University Staff cannot be requested by other users. 

Items on loan to other users with borrowing rights (not listed above) may be requested at any time

Please contact the Moore Library Manager if there is an item, you wish to consult, that isn't available because of this policy. 

If an item is recalled you must return it within 3 days of receipt of the request notice. Any item not returned within that period will be treated as overdue and will incur fines (see Fines for current rates). If there is a valid reason as to why you are unable to return the item, please contact the Moore Library Manager at your earliest opportunity.



You can now pay any fines you have accrued by using the 'My Library Account' function in iDiscover. Alternatively, during staffed hours, you can pay any fines you have accrued for Moore Library books at the Service Desk.

Current fine rates are as follows:

Undergraduate, PhD, Masters students and all current University Staff 

There are no fines on overdue books for staff members or students. For overdue requested books, the fine is £1.00 per working day.

All other users with borrowing rights (see full list here)

Overdue books are fined at 25p per working day. Overdue requested books are fined at 50p per working day.



System Downtime

Please note: Scheduled downtime for work on our library management system production servers takes place between 23:00 on a Saturday evening and 04:00 on a Sunday morning. During these times, fine payments, requests and renewals will not be possible.

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