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The Betty & Gordon Moore Library is currently offering an expanded range of online support services and new ways you can access our collections to help you learn, teach and research.

See individual zero contact services web pages for variations in availability. Please be aware that, due to the current lockdown restrictions, all services will be subject to change, possibly, at short notice and some services may have to be suspended. 

The Betty & Gordon Moore Library


Publishing and promotion

Although publishing something used to mean the end of a project, the world of academia has changes. Once something has been published it needs to be promoted to help increase its impact and influence. The resources in this section cover the whole lifecycle of publication and help share your work to maximum effect.


Need information in a hurry? Get up to speed fast with our research snapshots:

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  1. Moore Minute: Problem publishers
  2. Moore Minute: Publication lifecycle





Quick Reads

Need to know a bit more? Our quick reads outline complex topics in an accessible way:

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  1. Moore About... Choosing a publisher
  2. Moore About... Peer review
  3. Moore About... Problem publishers
  4. Moore About... Academic social networks
  5. Moore About... Reflective Practice





Time to dive deep into a topic? Our in-depth resources cover everything you need to know and give you a chance to put your new skills into practice:

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  1. Moore Module: Problem publishers
  2. Moore Module: Presentations
  3. Know Moore About... Becoming a reflective researcher (slides)





Recommended resources

  • Problem or predatory publishers are a developing issue which researchers need to be aware of, especially as they make their first moves into publishing. In this module, you will find a range of self guided activities, resources and links to further reading to help you learn more about these publishers and how you can avoid being caught out.
  • From assignments to research pitches, presentations are an important part of academic life. This module will cover three aspects of presentation skills: planning your presentation, designing your slides and presenting like a pro.  In this module you will find a range of self guided activities, resources and links to further reading to help you learn more about presenting confidently.

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