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The Betty & Gordon Moore Library


A series of scientific studies have shown that indoor plant life can lead to cleaner indoor air, reduce the effects of Sick Building Syndrome, and can boost idea generation and enhance problem-solving skills. Interestingly some recent feedback from Cambridge staff and students, particularly from those who attended the FutureLib's Big LEGO® Workshop, has actively encouraged the concept of introducing plant life into library spaces.

With these thoughts in mind, the Moore Library have purchased a number of live indoor plants which you'll find on the ground, first and second floors. The library staff will be taking care of these so please don't water them, but do enjoy their appearance and benefits to both body and mind.

Further reading: NASA Clean Air study / Texas A&M study / Oslo Agricultural University study / FutureLib: The Big LEGO® Workshop.

List of plant types & locations (excluding those temporarily relocated from Medical Library):
Lower Ground Floor
Glass Room: three cubes with Sansevieria Fernwood
Ground Floor
Entrance: five black containers planted with Buxus Sempervirens
Lobby: two window troughs planted with Sans Spikes, floor trough planted with Dracaena Compacta
Break Space: large Dracaena Dorado
Lift: white container with Dracaena Dorado
Service Desk: green cube with Beaucarnia (also known as Elephant's Foot)
Service Desk: small white bowl with Dracaena Surculosa
Office: large white bowl with Dracaena Surculosa
First Floor
Dracaena Deremensis "Lemon-Lime"
Office: Beaucarnia Recuverta
Second Floor
Ficus Amstel King

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