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The Betty & Gordon Moore Library is currently offering an expanded range of online support services and new ways you can access our collections to help you learn, teach and research.

See individual zero contact services web pages for variations in availability. Please be aware that, due to the current lockdown restrictions, all services will be subject to change, possibly, at short notice and some services may have to be suspended. 

The Betty & Gordon Moore Library


(**** Unfortunately, due to the current lockdown this service is now suspended. Please do not try to make a booking or visit the library as you will be refused entrance. If you wish to borrow books from the Moore please see our Click&Collect service. This is operating Tuesdays and Thursdays only ****)

How do I book a seat?

The library is now offering readers access to a space to work in the library. Before visiting the library you must have pre-booked through our appointments system to be able to use the library.

Click here to book a slot NOT IN USE

You will receive a confirmation email when the booking is made please print this off and bring with you to your appointment.

What do I do when I arrive at the Moore?

Only one person can be admitted at a time through the lobby area so please wait outside and come in when the area is clear.

Wear your face covering as you enter and santise your hands using the dispensor in the lobby.  

Show your confirmation email or the email on your phone, if you don’t want to print, to the member of staff at the lobby service desk. If you can't do either of these preferred options then you show your id to the person at the and we will confirm your booking from our list. 

If we cannot confirm your booking you will not be admitted to the library. There is limited avaibility of space for this service, at the moment, so we will only admit users that have a confirmed booking. This also forms part of test and trace*. 

You will then be admitted to the library and should then follow the instructions in the email about how to check in after you have found a seat. This can be done on your laptop or phone.

Once checked in a browser window will display with a ‘checkout’ link which you should use when you leave. 

*Test and Trace

We will keep these details for 21 days. All personal data will be held in accordance with the Library’s privacy policy and with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will share your contact details with NHS Test and Trace, if asked, in the event of a fellow user or staff member testing positive for coronavirus. NHS Test and Trace will handle all data according to the highest ethical and security standards and ensure it is used only for the purposes of protecting public health, including minimising the transmission of COVID-19. 

Where can I work?

The service will start with seats on the 1st floor of the library and additional seats will be added later on. Please only use the seats that have been allocated on the 1st floor and work in the spaces that have been made available.

Each space has clear instructions, attached to the desk - we would ask that readers help us to provide this service by following these instructions.

  • Wear a face covering at all times whilst in the library. Government guidelines state that face coverings should be worn in libraries and public reading rooms. We therefore ask readers visiting Cambridge University Libraries to wear a face covering in all areas of our libraries to keep everyone safe. We are highly sensitive and supportive to those staff and readers who are exempt from the expectation. Please visit the University’s Coronavirus Information pages for a helpful list of medical exemptions.

  • Sanitise the work surfaces using the cleaning materials provided following this simple shared use protocol:
    • Wipe the surface of the desk with an antibacterial wipe.
    • Clean your hands with hand sanitiser.
    • When you wish to leave, wipe the surfaces again with a fresh antibacterial wipe.
    • Dispose of the wipes using the bins provided.

  • Take all your belongings with you when you leave, even if you have booked an afternoon slot the same day. This will allow cleaning staff to clean the area between sessions.

What can I do whilst in the library?

  • You will have access to the stock on both the 1st and 2nd floor and may borrow items from these areas using the self-service kiosk on the ground floor. You will need to follow the ‘shared use protocol’ detailed above when you do so.
  • You will have access to the printer on the ground floor for printing only. You will need to follow the ‘shared use protocol’ detailed above when you do so. If you wish to photocopy, please email the library about our scanning services.
  • We are reducing the amount of face to face contact between staff and readers as much as possible but we are still here to help you. If you need assistance when working in the building please use our live chat service which can be found on the Moore Library website.
  • Drink bottled water and refill from the water coolers.

Restrictions – what can’t I do?

  • You won’t be able to access the Lower Ground. This area will remain staff only for the foreseeable future as we undertake a large scale collections project.
  • You won’t be able to work on the ground floor or second floor though you can borrow books from these floors.
  • We are trying to minimise the amount of face to face contact at the service desk. Please refrain from making enquiries at the service desk. Please use the live chat service or the main library email contact address.
  • Please do not move the furniture. The space has been laid out in order to provide the required social distancing.
  • In order to support the cleaning staff, whose workload has increased due to the pandemic, readers are not permitted to bring or consume food into the library. 
  • Access tiolets designated as staff only - tiolets available to readers are identifed as such on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Please help us to provide this service by respecting our guidelines and protocols, respect the staff and respect each other. The measures that have been put in place are there to keep all of us safe.


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